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Happy Crafting!




Videos & Tutorials


We are working on a Series of Videos showing how to use our products. Hopefully, the videos will inspire you!

If you see a supply item in a video that we don't have here in our shop we probably have it in our Etsy Shop.

How to use Adhesive Craft Seals to make Earring Drop Charms and other Bezels using Glossy Photo Paper  or Glossy Bright White Laser Paper.

You can use a seal to adhere your image to the glass. You can also use a seal to adhere your finished glass cabochon to your bezel tray (in lieu of using jewelers glue.)

(I use Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper. I also use Hammermill Color Laser Gloss 32 lb 94 Bright)

The first video shows the finished item. The second video shows how to make the earring drops.

How to use our connector links with our bracelet cords to make interchangeable bracelets. Many of our cords have lobster clasp on both ends.  We hope you are inspired.

We show a great assortment of our Connector Links in the video below:



We have developed our own dimensional glaze - it is getting fabulous reviews. Click here to learn more and order.

More specific instructions on how I use the glaze can be found in the listing on Etsy through the link up above.

I tend to put glaze on my image about the size of a nickel and then position the glass onto it. I tend to 'paint' mod podge on the image and on the glass and then put the glass on top. I always suggest experimenting to find the method that works best for you.

If you prefer to use card stock rather than glossy paper (I use Epson Presentation Paper) I recommend using our new Dimensional Glaze or Mod Podge. You can usually find Mod Podge locally. I like to put it into in a nail polish bottle. It is less messy that way :) We offer it in our shop on Etsy.


It is very simple and the results are beautiful:


Using this method, I print my graphic on card stock. I use Epson Presentation Paper which is a matte card stock. I use an Epson Artisan 837 Color Ink Jet Printer. I punch out my graphic/image with a punch or cut it out to fit the bezel tray I am using for my project. I show you how I rough cut and trim my glass in the top video on this page. Then I 'paint' on a moderate coating of glaze onto the back/flat side of my glass. I take my graphic and position it onto the glass so I can see the image looking through the domed/top of the glass. I kind of slide my graphic around a bit to be sure there are no air bubbles or uncoated areas. Then I align my glass and graphic and I set the glass down on a table to dry. I usually put a piece of paper down to protect the surface but this is not a messy project and no glaze should seep out but it's fine if it does. I let it dry overnight but it is usually dry within 6-12 hours depending on how thick you paint on the mod podge. Once dry you may want to coat the back of your cardstock with a coating of Mod Podge or white glue. The purpose of this is because when you adhere the finished glass cabochon into your bezel, if you use jeweler's glue, the glue may soak/seep through your paper and ruin your image. E6000 is a good, strong jewelers glue. Another opton is to adhere the glass into the bezel with one of our adhesive seals. If you use a seal you will not need to coat the back of your cardstock.

As with all crafts, it is good to test your specific paper/ink/glue/bezel to be sure everything works perfectly for you before you do a mass production order.  I would let the glass sit on the desk for a couple days before adhering to the bezel. Some paper/glue cure over as long as 72 hours. To be safe, I like to experiment for a week when I try new methods. I usually label my samples so I know what I did later on when I evaluate the results.

Happy Crafting!


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